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The Summit’s Guests of Honor

2024, July 3rd – 6th
Generative Art Summit
Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Hanseatenweg

The art meets science – Foundation Herbert W. Franke invites the community of generative art to the “Generative Art Summit”. More than 70 guests of honor from around the world will come together for a cross-generational meet and greet – artists working wiht machines or computers to produce art and whose works have shaped this art style for seven decades, as well as innovative museum professionals and art historians who have been researching the development of generative art for decades. They will be joined by major collectors and important platform operators in the blockchain who specialize in the distribution of artworks. Each guest of honor got a personal event page with image an d a short bio.

The foundation made pre-interviews and statements with some of the heroes of the history who paved the way to AI art of the 21st century. They will be found at their personal summit pages:

Gottfried Jäger, generative photography pioneer starting in the 1950s (in German)
Frieder Nake, computer art pioneer in the 1960s (in English)
Joan Truckenbrod, computer art pioneer in the 1970s (in English)
Tomislav Mikulic, computer art pioneer in the 1970s (in English)
Ernest Edmonds, computer art pioneer in the 1970s (in English)
William Latham, computer simulation pioneer in the 1980s (in English)

Photos: Gottfried Jäger (left), Joan Truckenbrod (above), and William Latham (right)