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Generative Art Summit – Berlin

International Conference with Evening Events in the Academy of Arts and a Day Excursion

art meets science – Foundation Herbert W. Franke is proud to host the Generative Art Summit for the first time, with the aim of fostering dialogue about the history of generative art across generations and the globe. In the spirit of Herbert W. Franke (1927–2022), a pivotal figure in bridging the gap between art and science and the forefather of computer art, the Foundation invites leading pioneers from early generative art to artificial intelligence to be part of the conference and an accompanying program: a film night about the history of computer art animation, the science fiction performance “Orchid Cage” and a day excursion to Wolfsburg visiting the Institute Heidersberger, pioneer of generative photography, and the opening of the Foundation’s exhibition “Franke & Friends” showing generative art of seven decades.

The starting point for the conversation about artists working with technology is Franke’s series “Oscillograms” from 1954, realized with a self-built analog computer, a landmark photographic project completed prior to his shift to digital computing in the 1960s.

The Generative Art Summit will gather more than fifty invited guests of honor, including key pioneers of generative photography like Gottfried Jaeger and from 20th century computer art – Frieder Nake, Larry Cuba and Christa Sommerer to name only three of them – with museum representatives, curators and researchers of historic media art like Wulf Herzogenrath, Margit Rosen and Grant Taylor as well as Anne and Mike Spalter, who built up the world’s most comprehensive private collection of early computer art up to today, comprising over 1000 works.

This international summit also allows for cross generational dialog between today’s pioneering artists like Sasha Stiles or Mario Klingemann as well as practitioners and collectors, who are currently forging creative futures with Web3 and Artificial Intelligence. The second day of the conference “From Algorithm to Artificial Intelligence” will therefore focus on highly topical issues and themes in generative art. Who is the artist of the future: humans or AI? What significance can copyright still have in the modern network world? Which role does print play in an art form that is created algorithmically? Where are museums and art marketing heading? How will literature and artificial intelligence unite in the future? And how can artistic quality still be found in the huge flood of new works created every day?

Location Berlin
Location Wolfsburg
Conference Registration

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2024, July 2-6
art meets science – Foundation Herbert W. Franke
Academy of Arts, Berlin – Hanseatenweg
Castle Wolfsburg – Institute Heidersberger and Town Gallery
pre-registration required – limited participation
ticketing of Academy of Arts Berlin (online and Box Office) begins end of March

6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

in combination with the vernissage of a Herbert W. Franke Solo Show
Location: König Galerie St. Agnes Church
free entrance

8:00 – 10:00 pm

Best of 20th Century Computer Art Animation
Presenter: Computer Animation Pioneer Larry Cuba

including a Yoichiro Kawaguchi Special

9:30 am – 6 pm

9:00 am 7:00 pm

8:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Introduction to The Orchid Cage (1961)
SciFi Novel about AI, Ethics and Human Evolution by Herbert W. Franke

Sandfiction – The Orchid Cage

Performance with an actress (Sarah Gros), a sand painter (Chris Kaiser)
and 2 musicians (violoncello Peter Nickel, electronic sounds Xoforo)

Online Ticketing and Box Office of the Event by Academy of Arts Berlin will open end of March

Combined Event-Ticket July 2 – 6

250 €

Singe Event Tickets

Conference Day 1
Conference Day 2
Conference Day 1+2
Film Night Evening
Computer Art Animation Excusion Wolfsburg
Evening Performance
Orchid Cage

July 3rd
July 4th
July 3rd + 4th
July 3rd

July 5th
July 6th

20 € (students, seniors 15 €)
20 € (students, seniors 15 €)

30 € (students, seniors 15 €)
25 € (students, seniors 15 €)

160 €
25 € (students, seniors 15 €)