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Generative Art Summit Berlin

“As a young artist, I’m excited to participate in this cross-generational event, I believe that art is an ongoing conversation between past and present generations. My work is not created in isolation, but rather, it builds upon the foundations laid by the artists who came before me. This event offers a unique opportunity to connect with and learn from artists of different generations, and to understand how their experiences and perspectives have shaped their work. I’m excited to contribute to this dialogue.”  

Anna Lucia is a Berlin-based self-taught artist from The Netherlands who explores the tensions and similarities between generative art and traditional crafts, especially textile work.
Starting points are often the systematic translation of craft techniques into algorithms involving an element of randomness. Chance is used to create a back-and-forth between the artist and the computer and explore the output space of these systems.
Her works span browser-based animations to machine-assisted hand-made artifacts, focussing on the inherent aesthetics of each medium she works in.