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Generative Art Summit Berlin

“I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Generative Art Summit hosted by the Foundation Herbert W. Franke. The summit explores the intersection of art and science, encompassing the history of generative art and its future potential. 

I’ve been involved in making art with the computer since the early 1970’s. I have made the journey from plotter art to the blockchain and I plan on telling my story in Berlin. This conference will present me, and all attendees, an opportunity to interact with other pioneers as well as a great cross-section of the current generation of contemporary generative artists.

For anyone interested in the future of generative art and its impact on art creation, appreciation, and distribution this is a must attend.”

Dr. Bill Kolomyjec pioneered computer art at Michigan State University. Assistant professor of engineering graphics at the Ohio State University Established the Electronic Media program at Northern Illinois University as an Associate Professor of Design.

Worked at Pixar as a RenderMan™ Evangelist and International Marketing Manager. Marketed and developed edutainment products based on Toy Story characters.
Worked at Anderson Consulting as a Learning Architect designing graphics for multimedia training products. Designed E-Learning graphics and managed projects at Accenture Learning. Taught E-Learning, Web Design, and Interactive Media classes at the Art Institute of Tampa. Taught Digital Media classes at Saint Petersburg College. Currently a full-time Generative Artist.