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Generative Art Summit Berlin

“I am honored to help contribute to the historical narrative with the Herbert Franke Foundations mission of building the pioneers legacy in this important digital art movement.

The foundations program of cross-generation exchange is pivotal in the educational understanding of current and future generations. All artists learn from art history. I grew up witnessing the development of this new art form of creating art with code, that was met with opposition and unrecognized at the time. I had a window into Chuck Csuri’s unique approach to creativity. Like the other pioneers, he was courageous in pursuing his vision, experimental, innovative and ultimately revolutionary.”  

Caroline Csuri is the daughter of a family of artists. Her father, Charles Csuri, was a professor of fine art and an American computer art pioneer, and her mother Lee Csuri, was a professional painter and sculptor.
Caroline has worn many creative hats, influenced by her entrepreneurial father. She traveled the world working in the fashion industry and built her own interior design business. Caroline was further inspired by her father to achieve a degree in Art Education and Computer Graphics from The Ohio State University in1987 and has exhibited internationally as a digital artist. She continued to work closely with her father for 30 years in a creative exchange of artistic ideas that further helped to produce his art objects.
The head of CsuriVision Ltd. since Csuri’s passing in 2021, Caroline has dedicated herself to promoting his legacy. Her goal is to educate people about Csuri’s art in the context of advancing the digital art movement.

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