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Generative Art Summit Berlin

“With his progressive approaches and his outstanding talent for merging art and science, Proto OG Herbert W. Franke’s work has laid the foundation for many generations of generative and digital artists to come. It is therefore a great honor for us as CryptoWiener to be part of this high-level event that brings together so many important pioneers of the generative and digital art scene. The rich conference program of the Generative Art Summit of the art meets science – Herbert W. Franke Foundation and the exclusive speaker agenda, which reads like a who’s who of the digital art world, promises a cross-generational exchange of knowledge that we are very much looking forward to.”

CryptoWiener – most leiwande Collectibles!

The artist collective CryptoWiener has been active in the NFT and Cryptoart Space since 2018 and, with their early works, is one of the first projects in the German-speaking world to play a pioneering role in the emerging world of crypto art.

With their first project CryptoWiener, the New Kids on the Block have stormed the metaverse at lightning speed and brought a little Viennese flavor to the international blockchain scene. Under the motto “Here to stay”, the artist collective not only captures a multitude of Austrian personalities, heroes and anti-heroes with their pixel portraits, but also humorously preserves the culture of an entire country on the blockchain.

What sets CryptoWiener apart from many other artists is their brilliant appearance on the virtual stage, which almost resembles an art performance. On Cryptovoxels, the artists have set up a gallery with their artworks, filled with pixelated life in 32x32px format and brought to life with great attention to detail.

At the Generative Art Summit Berlin, CryptoWiener will be represented by Bernhard Nessler (a.k.a. Nissla), who tokenized digital works as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain at the end of 2018 and has since made it his mission to explore the cryptospace for young, creative people and especially digital artists, to share experiences with this new technology and to take away the audience’s fear of discovering this often abstract and initially difficult-to-understand technology for themselves.