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Generative Art Summit Berlin

“I started creating generative art in the 90’s, learning from the computer graphics community that I found on the emerging internet, but in complete ignorance of the pioneers who had initiated the art form decades earlier. Even a decade later, outside of a small online community I didn’t know a single person in real life who knew of or understood generative art. Although my story has its own idiosyncratic aspects, as I went back and forth between art and science, it is clear that generative art in general has for a long time been fractured into small communities working independently. The blockchain brought attention and money to the art form, but much of its long history has been overlooked. So a conference celebrating this is overdue. I am personally excited to meet many of the pioneers and hear their perspectives on generative art: its past, present, and future. I suspect that we will find common threads connecting us, which so far have been hiding in the shadows.”

born 1983 Canada 
Lives and works in Canada

Eric De Giuli is a theoretical physicist and generative artist living in Canada.
He is interested in the emergence of complexity in the universe, which he explores at the intersection of art and science.
He holds a Hon. B.S.c. in mathematics and physics from the University of Toronto, and an M.S.c. in geophysics and Ph.D. in applied mathematics, both from the University of British Columbia.
He has held positions at New York University, École polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, and École Normale Supérieure, Paris. He is currently Assistant Professor of Complexity Physics at Toronto Metropolitan University.