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Generative Art Summit Berlin

“I’ve been excited about the Summit for months, and telling every artist I know to come. I fell into curating digital art, and code-based generative art more specifically, a few years ago. And when I saw the list of legends coming to participate on the first day — I think I counted seven artists in their 80s, and one in their 90s — I knew there was no way I could miss this chance to meet, or see, some of them in person while they’re still alive. I go to a lot of digital art events all over the world for work, but this one is for me.” 

Haiver is a generative artist and the artistic director of, a platform for code-based generative artists to publish their work and connect with a growing base of passionate digital art collectors. He curates group shows for Alba’s official gallery arm Dawn Contemporary. Additional curation work can be found on Verse and in the on-chain publication fx(gems). His artwork has been released and collected on Alba, fx(hash), and Objkt.