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Generative Art Summit Berlin

An art professor for twenty years, Jeff Davis is a generative artist and now Strategic Advisor at Art Blocks. Always fascinated with mathematics and introduced to studio art in college, he was captivated with the overlap between these two disciplines, focusing on painting and printmaking throughout his graduate studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Seeking greater precision in his artwork, in 1999, he began to use design software to explore structures and colors to create digital art. Since then, he’s been inspired by the use of technology for creative expression, building generative systems that explore form and color within specified parameters.

Jeff has exhibited his work internationally with Bright Moments Gallery at locations including Paris, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Mexico City, London, Berlin, New York, and Los Angeles. In addition to his work with Bright Moments, his art has been included in Contemporary Discoveries, Grails: Part II, and Natively Digital at Sotheby’s in New York, Ex Machina at Phillips in London, the European Cultural Center in Venice, and Art Dubai. Jeff has completed recent collaborations with Studio DRIFT and Ateliers Loire and written two textbooks, Foundations of Design and Foundations of Color.
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