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Generative Art Summit Berlin

I am thrilled to be invited to the first Generative Art Summit in Berlin which is dedicated to my extremely empathetic friend and colleague Herbert W. Franke. I came into contact with him at the BILDER DIGITAL symposium in Munich 1986. 2006 I invited him to be part in the first artistic-scientific conference FOTOGRAFIE KONKRET in 2006. It was part of the 16th Gmunden Symposia for Concrete Art that I am organizing as an artist since 1989.

Josef Linschinger was born 1945 in Gmunden, Austria;
1970-75 studies at the Linz School of Design;
from 1975 teaching at the Linz School of Design and the Linz Art University;
since 1977 works of constructive/concrete art;
since 1987 works of visual/conceptual poetry;
1989-2009 organization of the Gmunden Symposia for Concrete Art;
1998 Culture Medal of the City of Gmunden;
2001 Japan Scholarship of the Austrian Federal Chancellery;
2009 Culture Medal of the Province of Upper Austria;
2015 Upper Austrian. Landeskulturpreis for Visual Arts.