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Generative Art Summit Berlin

“I am a big fan of Herbert W Frankes creations and pioneering work in the intersection of art and science. In this field the most mindblowing and visually appealing results can be discovered. Thank you Susanne for organizing this event and giving the generative arts a platform to be displayed and discussed. such initiatives are crucial and help develop our understanding of what can be done when exploring scientific data in a playful way. the generative art world is full of surprises and keeps inspiring me day to day. lets get together and share with the world what potentials there are yet to be discovered.”

Born in 1984 in Salzburg, she graduated with a degree in digital art in 2009 from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. As a co-founder of Cryptowiener and an artist and collector, she is very active in the NFT scene. Since 2023, she has been a curator at the Upper Austrian State Culture GmbH and curates shows in the metaverse location of the Museum Francisco Carolinum in Voxels. Additionally, she is responsible for maintaining and expanding the NFT collection of Upper Austria.