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Generative Art Summit Berlin

Kate Vass is the founder of Kate Vass Galerie, a pioneering art gallery established in Zurich, Switzerland in 2016. In 2023, she launched a curated marketplace called K011, which empowers AI and generative artists. Same year, Kate introduced a special AI long-form engine called 0KAI, which preserves artistic values and enables the creation of long-form AI artworks on-chain. Recognized for her contributions to the global art and tech culture, Kate Vass was named one of the Art & Tech 40 under 40 influencers in 2021 and featured on the Artnet NFT 30 list.

Prior to her work in the art world, Kate spent over 15 years working with private and corporate collectors in prominent international banks. She advised on wealth planning, alternative asset investments (such as art and start-ups in tech), and subsequently established her advisory firm, F.A.R.E. Consulting, in 2016. As an art collector herself, Kate has built an extensive gallery collection that centres around generative contemporary art and photography. She frequently writes about art and tech and is a sought-after speaker at panels and conferences. All of Kate’s businesses actively promote gender and racial equality, as well as sustainability.