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Generative Art Summit Berlin

“To be meeting and mixing with the pioneers is an honor and the opportunity to learn from their vast knowledge and experience first-hand is a privilege.
With this being a celebration of multiple styles of art, there is real value in our joint exploration of topical issues such as how AI will shape the future of art and the direction of museums.”

How particles inspire both scientific inquiry and artistic expression

An exploration into the significance of particles as the smallest form of matter and their role in both nature and technology. P1xelboy discusses particle systems and their applications in various fields, ranging from computer graphics to scientific simulations. We journey through some examples of the ways particles have been depicted and interpreted by traditional artists from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

We touch on cellular automata, with a focus on Conway’s famous ‘Game of Life’, illustrating emergent behaviour and complex patterns arising from simple rules. The discussion extends to ever-evolving artworks which blur the line between the organic and the synthetic. Finally, P1xelboy discusses the infinite possibilities of the digital canvas, where particles dance and collide in a symphony of light and color.
Through this exploration, we uncover not only the beauty and complexity of the universe but also the relentless, unbridled creativity of the human spirit. 

P1xelboy (born 1978) is a British generative artist with an MSc in Computer Science, coding in Java and neural networks. Since receiving and Amstrad CPC 6128 computer at age nine he has been making computer-based art. While other kids were mostly playing games, he began making pixel art and digital art through coding.

He took his passion for code and aesthetics into his early career where he worked on multiple web design, graphic design and UX projects for technology and marketing companies. P1xelboy’s work draws from his experiences in manipulating data and enjoyment of computer games, retro graphics and pop-culture.

The majority of P1xelboy’s work is long form, created using P5.js and often involves complex manipulation of simple geometric shapes. influenced by the generative art pioneers and evoking memories of earlier times. P1xelboy’s work has been exhibited internationally including at the Museum Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt, NEORT++ Tokyo, Adelia Art Gallery Liverpool and is due to be shown at Beeple Studios Charleston in May 2024.