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Generative Art Summit Berlin

Sarah Ridgley is an American artist based in Arkansas. Before working as a generative artist, Ridgley operated a small letterpress studio that she started while getting her law degree.
Several years later, she discovered generative art and shifted to working with pixels and code –– a new set of rules altogether. Process has always been an important part of Ridgley’s work. She enjoys experimenting across mediums and developing her own approach to how she uses both print and code.

Ridgley’s work focuses on themes rooted in nature and writing. She developed an asemic writing algorithm to create visual poetry, considering ideas of universal comprehension and text as visual work – something to be viewed rather than read. Ridgley also works with generative typography, exploring temporality through the material of date, time, and place. 

Her work has been exhibited internationally, including at The Digital for Miami Art Week (2021), Artists Who Code at Vellum LA (2022), PERSONAL STRUCTURES, a biennial exhibition curated by the European Cultural Centre in Venice, Italy (2022), FEMGEN (2022), Code Chronicles with bitforms gallery (2023), Paris Collection with Bright Moments (2024).