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Generative Art Summit Berlin

“I want to attend the Generative Art Summit to learn from the pioneers of generative art and deepen my understanding of its history. This knowledge will help me further develop Bright Moments as a global community of generative artists, curators, and collectors. Having hosted “NFT Art Berlin” at Kraftwerk in 2022, I’m looking forward to creating new live minting experiences in Berlin, and beyond, that build upon the knowledge I gain from the summit.” 

Seth Goldstein is the founder of Bright Moments, an on-chain art gallery that has quietly reshaped the digital art world with its focus on live minting experiences. Beginning in Venice Beach in the spring of 2021, the gallery has fostered generative art communities in New York, Berlin, London, Mexico City, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, and Paris. It recently completed its 10,000 CryptoCitizen journey in Venice, Italy.
Over a 30-year career spanning the Web 1, 2, and 3 eras, Seth has started companies at the forefront of new technology formats: online advertising (SiteSpecific, 1995), alternative data (Majestic Research, 2003), and social music (, 2010). He studied Dramatic Literature at Columbia University and Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft at the University of Gießen, and then went to work for theater and opera director Robert Wilson as his archivist. In 1993, Seth helped launch the multimedia lab at ZKM, where he collaborated with William Forsythe and the Frankfurt Ballet on the groundbreaking digital archive project “Improvisation Technologies.”