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Generative Art Summit Berlin

“I think of generative art as being any process, analogue, digital and especially biological (for obvious reasons). To me generative art is a process in which the output of that process feeds back into it in whatever ways available thus taking place over time.

Thus it is a process not an object. I have a site on early video art in Australia though that still has a long way to go.
Meanwhile thanks for accepting me into your fold.”

Born: Sydney, Australia, 23 January, 1951
Education: B.Sc. 1973, ANU.

Dr. Stephen Jones is a historian of art and technology and the electronic arts. He has been a video maker for many years and worked with the band Severed Heads between 1982 and 1992. He has written extensively on the history of new media art in Australia,. He wrote  Synthetics: Aspects of Art and Technology in Australia, 1956–1975, published by MIT Press, 2011.

He is a consultant conservator in the preservation of video art works and the maintenance and reconstruction of works in art and technology. He provides technical support to museums and galleries, restoring electronic and luminal kinetic works including one of Ostoja-Kotkowski’s theremins. He also provides technical support for artists in the installation of video and other electronic works workin for the Biennale of Sydney from 1976 – 1988. He has written numerous papers on the history of art and technology in Australia.

He is currently working on a website on the history of video art in Australia covering the period 1969–1990, and is developing a digital archive of the history of video art in Australia.

You can see some of my video at < >. I suggest you have a look at the video called Mandala 1992. There is an extensive illustrated biography link at the bottom of the site < >