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Generative Art Summit Berlin

“I couldn’t resist the chance to attend the Summit once I discovered the incredible lineup of artists and experts who will be there. The prospect of meeting them, some for the first time and others after a long while, convinced me to make the journey from Australia to Berlin.

It’s a rare opportunity to connect with so many world-renowned artists and theorists in one place.

Additionally, the event’s significance is heightened for me as it is held in memory of my late dear friend, Herbert. Participating in an event that honors his legacy feels especially poignant. I look forward to the accompanying exhibitions, where I can see his original vintage artwork again and also witness how many contemporary artists hold Herbert’s influence in high regard.”

Born in Croatia and raised in a communist country, Tomislav Mikulić now resides and works in Australia. While initially creating still images with a plotter, the majority of his career has been dedicated to crafting CGI animation. His work has been showcased at prestigious exhibitions such as Tendencies 3, Ars Electronica, L’artiste et l’ordinateur and ICCH/2, with publications spanning the USA, Germany, and Croatia.

Through decades of participation in international exhibitions, Mikulić made connections with renowned artists such as Chuck Csuri, Manfred Mohr, Ken Knowlton, Kerry Strand, Lillian Schwartz, Grace Hertlein, Jean-François Colonna and Herbert Franke among others.

Establishing a lasting friendship with Herbert W. Franke since Tendencies in Zagreb, Mikulić has fond memories of cooperating with Franke. The connection created not only the cherished memories in Linz, Zagreb and Munich but also  inspired creating some new artwork after meeting in Bremen.

Franke presented his series Mondrian created in real-time on his TI-99/4A computer at a 5-day animation showcase event, Computer Animation, curated by Mikulić in Zagreb in 1980 alongside animations by notable artists in the field, e.g., John Whitney, Alexandre Vitkine, Hervé Huitric, Jean-François Colonna and Lloyd Sumner’s Computer Creations.

When Herbert Franke passed, it was not only a personal loss for his friends but also an immense loss for the entire computer art community.

Following Herbert Franke’s passing, Mikulić extended full support to the “art meets science”, the Foundation Herbert W. Franke established by Franke’s widowed spouse, Susanne. He will actively participate in Generative Art Summit Berlin  accompanied by exhibitions showcasing Franke’s early artwork and his admirer’s tributes. Mikulić’s presentation during the event will explore animation concepts evident in the old plotter drawings of colleagues, including Franke, and share insights into his own creative journey.