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Code of ZENTRUM in Blockchain

The Foundation’s share of the proceeds will go towards new projects in 2014, including the eBook publishing of Franke’s science fiction works and an event in Berlin on the history of generative art.

November 21, the apple II program Zentrum by Herbert W. Franke from 1982 will be published in the blockchain translation – including the original code of around twenty lines.

The new apple II with a historical Mitsubishi tube monitor privately owned by Susanne Paech. Franke’s programs can be run with a floppy disk.

Years ago, the couple donated the historical apple computer with Herbert W. Franke’s programs to the ZKM together with the other historical computers to be part in the Herbert W. Franke Archive. Thanks to the ZKM, it was possible to read out the code of Zentrum, so that a precise translation for the blockchain by the internationally renowned artist Aaron Penne was possible. Together with Penne, the Foundation attached great importance to fidelity to the original, which did not only refer to the code. First of all, there was the specific way in which the colors were depicted. Although Franke used the original apple colors – black, white, green, violet, orange, turquoise blue – the output device was not a historical apple monitor, but the home computer connected directly to a standard CRT television. Here is the link to “Token 0” of Zentrum als NFT in der Blockchain:

“Until now, it was only possible to show the program on a historical apple computer. It’s great,” says Susanne Paech, CEO of the foundation, “that the old program is now available to the general public on the Internet in an authentic translation.” The Foundation_s proceeds from this campaign will go towards new projects for 2024, including the development of the eBook publication of the 30-volume edition and the first translation and publication of a novel in English. There are also plans for an event in Berlin dedicated to the history of generative art.

The project is being realized together with the Proof platform and More information on Franke’s historical programming can be found here.