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Herbert W. Franke VISIONARY

On the occasion of the 95th birthday of media art pioneer Herbert W. Franke, the Upper Austrian Landes-Kultur GmbH is honoring his life and extraordinary work with an exhibition at the Francisco Carolinum in Linz. Franke is a pioneer between art and science, a researcher and philosopher who accomplished very early and decisive achievements in numerous disciplines.

As a computer artist of the first hour, he first experimented with generative photography in 1952. Starting in the 1960s, he used the first mainframe computers for his abstract “algorithmic” art based on mathematical principles.  In 1979 Franke was a co-founder of Ars Electronica and in the 2000s a mastermind of the Metaverse, with his 3D world Z-Galaxy, an area of changing exhibitions on the Internet platform Active Worlds.

Herbert W. Franke’s MONDRIAN program from 1979.

The extensive work is based equally on the rationality of the researcher and the creativity of the artist. The exhibition is dedicated to this extraordinary bridging of art and science and the enormous power of imagination: from fine art to science fiction, from the beauty of mathematics to cave exploration.