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Generative Photography

Ein Büro-Locher im Röntgenlicht

The earliest impetus for H. W. Franke to become involved in artistic experiments came in the course of his dissertation, in which he dealt with electron optics. The aesthetic quality of the images from the electron microscope gave him the idea that instruments of scientific photography could also be used for experiments that do not serve research, but exclusively for the creation of aesthetically interesting images. Early on, he also considered the idea of converting this type of laboratory equipment into art machines and examining them for their aesthetic potential. The first Work Group that sprang from this idea was based on devices based on X-rays.

In the first half of the 1950s, his work in industry enabled him to carry out experiments in different areas of the electromagnetic vibration spectrum. He used hard X-rays, as they were used in tool testing. They can be used to shine through materials such as stone or beam. Franke, on the other hand, examined mundane everyday objects and cigarette paraphernalia in this series, as well as optical instruments and objects from his own office equipment.