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Mathematica / Math Live

Since 1994 Herbert W. Franke has been working with the program system Mathematica, which not only provides access to all mathematical specialties, but is also ideally suited for graphical representations. Computer graphic representations allow the transition to animation or interactivity. And this is not only true for scientific or technical applications, but also opens up new methods for artistic purposes.

The different versions of one of these animations called Space Loops are all based on the so-called Lissajous figures, curve graphs that are created by superimposing two oscillations. They are named after the French physicist Jules Antoine Lissajous (1822-1880). For these interactive programs, in addition to Mathematica, the add-on program Math Live, originated by Martin Kraus, was used. The MathReader of Mathematica was not needed for this endless running program, but the program Java had to be installed on the DOS computer. The user could now select the 3D perspective himself via key combinations, stretch as well as stretch the base figure according to his own ideas and then by the speed of the mouse movement with the key held down set the object in rotation of different speed.

Example of a Space Loop animation