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Mathematica Programs

The Peru Pattern series from 2010 is about the pleasant visualization of a simple algebraic formula, namely: z = f (x, y). The coordinate z in a representation in space is superimposed on the two-dimensional representation, although the number calculated for z is implemented with a special color palette. In this way, aesthetically appealing image motifs are created, which are nothing more than the “visualization” of a mathematical formula.

Serie Peru Pattern

Intarsia (2011), also developed with the software Mathematica, is based on the same formula as Peru, but using different parameters.

Serie Intarsia

Herbert W. Franke has been working actively with Mathematica since 1995 – back then he started with the mathematica software version 3. The continuously developed and expanded programming language of Wolfram, which nowadays is used in research and development worldwide, simplified codes for all visualizations of mathematical special fields and was therefore ideally suitable for Franke’s aesthetic experiments. He was particularly interested in the interactive use of computer graphics and the transition to animation. Franke has implemented numerous programs with Mathematica.

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