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Generative Art Summit Berlin

„As being media artist, researcher, scholar and curator for many years now, I have a great interest for the Generative Art Summit in Berlin where I can meet many artists I know since years, but also getting know the works of all these I either never meet or even didnt had a cance to see their works. Looking forwar do this great event.“

Ingeborg Fuelepp is born in Zagreb, lives and works in Rijeka, Zagreb and Berlin. Studies at the Academy of Dramatic Art -ADU, University of Zagreb (Mag. Art. 1977). Post graduate studies in Film and Interactive Technology, Harvard University (Ed.M.1988), and as a special student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The Media Lab.

1978-1993 assistant professor at Academy od Dramatic Art Zagreb. Also lectured on diverse universities in USA, Great Britain, Netherlands, Austria and Germany. 2013 – 2019 associate professor at the University of Rijeka, Academy of Applied Arts (APURI).

As independent artist and curator works on film, video and interactive multimedia projects, video art and video installations.  Active participation in many international exhibitions, symposia and festivals. Long-term working as film and video editor on feature films, short documentaries, advertisements, music videos, TV- and Video productions. Various scholarships and awards.  From 1993 – 2014 curator and art director of Media-Scape, International Symposium and Exhibition for Media Art, manifestation Glowing Globe in Rijeka. Participated in several EU projects. From 1991 – 2012 collaboration with Heiko Daxl as Media in Motion GbR, Berlin-Zagreb. 2017 founder and project leader of the Center for Innovative Media at the Academy of Applied Arts. Life Achievement Award, University of Rijeka Foundation 2019.