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Generative Art Summit Berlin

„Die Erstellung eines Herzsymbols auf Grundlage der eigenen EKG-Daten verbindet die moderne Medizintechnik mit einem universell anerkannten Symbol und schafft eine Schnittstelle biologischer Identität und universeller Liebe.“

Jurgen Ostarhild’s 40-year career boasts an impressive resume of noteworthy gallery shows and portraits of cultural figures such as Kate Moss and Martin Kippenberger, fashion brands, and celebrities.

Despite his roots in fashion photography, Ostarhild’s motivation for creating goes far beyond the lens of a camera. The artist has delved deep into dissecting the 0s and 1s that comprise a digital image. Through the reimagination of his imagery, be it with Photoshop manipulation, AI, or hex codes, Ostarhild pushes the boundaries of what exactly a photograph is. Blockchain, NFTs, and AI have driven his pursuit of digital art even further.