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Generative Art Summit Berlin

Piter Pasma (1980) has been immersed in coding since the age of nine. However, it wasn’t until 2019 that he truly began to identify himself as a generative artist. Pasma’s fascination with algorithmic complexity within computers has ultimately led him to a variety of styles within generative art. Drawing from his experiences in the competitive demoscene of the late 1990s, his code is concise yet powerful. Based in Groningen, the Netherlands, he is renowned for his ability to create both line art and photorealistic generative artworks using mathematical functions, striving for efficiency by using as few characters as possible. He conjures unexpected environments that emerge from simple code, showcasing his unique ability to surprise and engage audiences. Pasma is also dedicated to fostering creativity in others, through organizing for example Genuary; an annual event that challenges artists to create daily works based on 31 selected prompts.
bio written by Nina Knaack