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Legacy of the Visionary Herbert W. Franke

From July 3 – 6, 2024, the four-day Generative Art Summit Berlin will take place at the Akademie der Künste in Berlin with around 70 high-ranking guests of honor. They come to Berlin from the US to Japan and Australia to a two-day conference program for a worldwide unique cross-generational dialogue and additional events. Info and tickets
Statement from the event partner ZKM | Karlsruhe, Director Alistair Hudson: “Herbert W. Franke was truly a ‘wanderer between worlds’, as the title of his 2010 retrospective at the ZKM so aptly described him. The impact of his legendary “oscillograms” from the 1950s extends into the depths of the web3 and the complex landscapes of artificial intelligence.”

As part of the Summit, the theater performance Sandfiction 4K: The Orchid Cage will be shown as a highlight event July 6. It is based on Franke’s classic sci fi novel Der Orchideenkäfig (1961). The novel was just published in a new Englisch translation by Springer.
Statement by Dr. Christian Caron, Executive Publisher Springer: “It is an extraordinary honor for Springer to be able to publish this early and timelessly relevant novel in its new English translation. Franke skillfully interweaves numerous scientific and philosophical themes in this short, haunting work, culminating in one of the most impressive literary warnings yet against technology-driven human evolution and immortality.” More information about the novel here.

The opening of Franke’s first solo show at the König Galerie Illuminating the Invisible will take place as part of the Summit on July 4. The exhibition shows works from seven decades and will present the “Series Color” from 1962 to the public for the first time ever.
Statement by Gallery owner Johann König: “The exhibition pays tribute to Franke’s unique combination of creative and scientific activities, which are mutually stimulating. It shows the genealogy of art forms that Franke himself discovered and made visible to us.” More information here.

The Foundation is publishing excerpts from Franke’s early work Art and Construction (original publication Kunst und Konstruktion, Bruckmann 1957) in an English translation for the participants of the event on July 3. Important quotes here.

Announcement of the Herbert W. Franke Grant for Speleology by the Austrian Speleological Society (VÖH) to support karst and speleological research.
Statement by VÖH President Prof. Dr. Christoph Spötl, Dean of the Faculty of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Innsbruck: “Franke’s name is inextricably linked with cave research in the 20th century. He was significantly involved in major cave expeditions in the Alps, and he also carried out pioneering work, including on the question of how to determine the age of dripstones and whether caves exist on Mars.” More information here.