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Computer Systems

Poster for the dance performance of the Bavarian State Opera’s experimental stage

The series Rotations/Projections is a graphic realization using one of the earliest three-dimensional programs for the visual output of projections of spatial movements. They were calculated and displayed with an interactive graphic screen of the Siemens Research Laboratory, Munich, in connection with a digital data processing unit. The unit allows interactive operation–work under visual control with the possibility of intervention in the sequence; a keyboard is used to determine the way in which the basic structure given by the program is realized–for example, by specifying the number of picture elements, the angle of intersection, the speed of the sequence, and so on. If static images are to be output, the movement can be captured at any point in time.

Das Basisprogramm, das Herbert W. Franke für seine Experimente nutzte, stammt von Gerhard Geitz, Monika Gonauser, Egon Hoerbst und Peter Schinner.

Pressefoto mit dem Tänzer Gerald Bohner

The documentation was made in single-frame recording on a 16mm film. Sequences from the film served as a moving stage set, projected onto a screen, for an experimental dance performance in the experimental stage of the Bavarian State Opera in Munich by Walter Haupt in 1974.

Herbert W. Franke also used the sequences to create the longer film Rotations/Projections with electronic music by composer Peter Scheffler.

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